The qbio community is constantly growing. The program started in September 2021 and in this page we gather the experience of some students who are about to finish the qbio curriculum or who successfully defended their final project.

Name: Christelle Aljamous

Country: Lebanon

Lab 2 training: Pharmacology and Structural Biology of Membrane Proteins lab, IGF, Montpellier

Lab 3 training: BioOrganic Mass Spectrometry laboratory (LSMBO), Strasbourg

Project for the future:  PhD in the fields of structural biology and molecular modeling

“This program gave me the opportunity to learn and grow as a scientist. Through my various internships I was able to dive deeper in the fields that interest me, which allowed me to start shaping my future career in science. Being part of the qbio community is a very exciting experience where you can flourish both on a personal and academic level.”

Name: Hye Rin An

Country: South Korea

Lab 2 training: IPSIM Laboratory, INRAE, Montpellier

Lab 3 training: DGIMI Laboratory, INRAE, Montpellier

Project for the future:  probably a PhD

“Every single person of this qbio community is talented and hard-working. They are all a source of motivation for me and they showed me new perspectives as they are all different from me in every possible aspect. It’s both bittersweet and refreshing to think that it’s the end of qbio for us, but our real journey is only starting… I’m excited to see how each of us will grow in our respective field.”

Name: Emilie Costes

Country: France

Lab 2 training: Cristallography & Modelling at SANOFI & Management of IGEM project at CBS, Montpellier

Lab 3 training: Collaboration between P. Tinnefeld Lab, LMU Munchen, Germany and IBM Team, CBS, Montpellier

Project for the future:  PhD

“Through its broad program, qbio gives the keys to speak different languages; I am not talking about Filipino, Lebanese or South Korean languages but much more about physics, biology, structural biology, modeling… Mixing all of us, different as we are, with this interdisciplinarity and with strongly involved specialist researchers makes the wealth of this program unique. Note to French students that might be afraid of speaking, thinking and writing in English: do not be afraid, English will become natural!”

Name: Richmond Crisostomo

Country: Philippines

Lab 2 training: Perroy Team, Institut de Genomique Fonctionelle, Montpellier

Lab 3 training: Quantitative Ecology and Evolution (qEcoEvo) Group, Trieste, Italy

Project for the future:  Pursue doctoral studies integrating theoretical and computational models across scales of biological systems using tools from quantitative biology, physics, and complex systems theory.

“qbio offers a strong, practical-oriented, interdisciplinary background but I have learnt the most from my classmates through teamwork and projects. It was a rich and intense human experience from which I have learnt how to pursue research in a collaborative environment.”

Name: Ali Kanso

Country: Lebanon

Lab 2 training: Institut des Biomolécules Max Mousseron, Montpellier

Lab 3 training: Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany & Kruse Lab – Harvard medical school, Boston, USA

Project for the future: PhD

“Ending this journey not only with solid knowledge in computational and experimental techniques but most importantly with heartwarming memories. I will be forever grateful for the amazing friends I made and the outstanding researchers/professors I met.”

Name: Nessim Louafi

Country: France

Lab 2 training: CENTURI Center, Marseille

Lab 3 training: Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research (FMI), Basel, Switzerland

Project for the future: PhD in imaging and image analysis.

“I’m currently very very grateful for the imaging course we had as I was able to understand the setup in my new lab very fast and I’m already using it by myself and adjusting parameters. Also I am very happy I got introduced to image analysis: what to do/not to do on images, how to do it and what to compute…”

Name: Sania Mancer

Country: France

Lab 2 training: Bioenergetics and Protein Engineering (BIP) lab – Marseille, France

Lab 3 training: James Bardwell’s lab – Department of cell, molecular and developmental biology, University of Michigan, USA

Project for the future: Go where the wind blows 😊

“qbio offers an open and friendly environment where I could learn science by interacting with my classmates. I benefited from advanced and unformal classes given by specialist researchers with whom we were in close contact. It opens so many doors and opportunities for someone to grow as a scientist. This was such an unique and intense experience!”